Stephen Hall

A real mate, vocally slightly rough around the edges, a heart of gold with a gruff exterior, late 30's early 40's - lower register. Stephen Hall's voice reminds us of the best Uncle you ever had, a bloke that you really like but you never know if he is playing with you or not. (Motor bikes and hands on work.) He has a serious sense of humour, an actor with many years of voice character experience. Stephen trained as an actor at Theatre Corporate and classes in London.
Voice Age: 45-55
Voice Location: Auckland
Natural Accents: Kiwi.
Languages: English.
Skills & Styles: Animation, Character, Retail, Narration, ADR/Looping, Doco/Reality.
ACCENTS: American (standard), English (standard). ---- STYLES: Gruff, Bloke, Mate, Farmer, Comedy, Joker