Jay Simon

WANAKA Based: An intelligent warmth and soft English vocal style, Jay Simon arrests your ears with his vocal charisma and educated credibility. An accomplished voice actor and actor with a versatile range of tone in his own native english accent(s) also expressed in other accents and characters with ease. A chameleon of voices. Appearing in many UK and US commercials, channel promos, programmes, documentaries and games, he has amassed a library of experience. You can tell he loves his work which makes him a pleasure to work alongside.
Voice Age: 35-45
Voice Location: Queenstown
Natural Accents: American, British.
Languages: English.
Skills & Styles: Animation, Comedy, Character, Retail, Corporate, Narration, ADR/Looping, Doco/Reality, E-learning, Impersonations, Trailer/Promos, UK/Ireland accents, US accents, Euro accents.
ACCENTS: African, American standard & regional, Asian, Australian, British regional , Canadian, Caribbean, Chinese, Continental, Danish, Dutch, European, French, German, Greek, Indian, Irish, Italian, Middle Eastern, Pakistani, Polish, Russian, Scandinavian, Scottish, South African, Swahili, Welsh, West Indian, Yiddish. LANGUAGES: Basic French, Italian, German and Hebrew. STUDIO: Own Studio Voice set up with Source Connect STYLES: Intelligent, Warm, Versatile, Soft, Charismatic, Educated, Accents