Danielle Cormack

With her intelligent, sassy sexy tone, and approachable yet no nonsense style, Danielle is a genuinely gifted voice actor. Appealing to both sexes and giving great depth of emotion in her work, she means business. A strong commercial reader who easily calls upon her acting skills for comedy or character roles. An actor with a wealth of experience. A truly versatile and direct-able character voice.
Voice Age: 25-35
Voice Location: Sydney
Natural Accents: Kiwi, Australian.
Languages: English.
Skills & Styles: Animation, Comedy, Character, Retail, ADR/Looping, Sexy, UK/Ireland accents, US accents, Euro accents, Australian accent.
ACCENTS: American, Australian, Eastern European, Irish, Scottish and many more ... Sound-a-like: Helen Clark ADR/Looping. STYLES: Sassy, Approachable, Genuine, Strong, Comedy, Character, Versatile