Brett Stewart

A genuine comedy specialist. He has a friendly, bubbly warmth to his mid toned voice, is your best mate, the guy next door, believable and genuine. Brett Stewart is a voice actor with an excellent command of accents and characters. A strong narrator for explainer videos and a natural choice for documentary and reality work. Brett is also a great improviser.
Voice Age: 25-35
Voice Location: Auckland
Natural Accents: Kiwi, Australian.
Languages: English.
Skills & Styles: Animation, Comedy, Character, Retail, Narration, ADR/Looping, Doco/Reality, Bloke, Natural, Friendly, Upbeat, UK/Ireland accents, US accents, Euro accents, Australian accent.
ACCENTS: Australian, American (standard & regional), English (all standard & regional), Italian, Scottish, Irish, Russian, French, German, West Indian ... anything but Welsh. ADR/Looping. STYLES: Friendly, Bubbly, Warm, Accents, Character