Barry Jenkin

Barry Jenkin has been the voice of a thousand distinctive radio and television commercials here and in Australia in his 30 year broadcasting career. Trained as a NZBC announcer, he went from 2XS to 1ZM then Radio Hauraki, where he was christened "Dr Rock", a moniker which stuck when he began presenting Radio With Pictures (NZ's very first alternative VJ). Barry has a manly-but-mellifluous gruff tone and measured delivery, a matter-of-fact approach. He's not just one of the men he is 'The MAN'. The perfect Movie Trailer & Promo sound. His international appeal has seen him voice American, English & Asian corporate product launches and internal presentations. He has also narrated documentaries for New Zealand television and America's Discovery Channel.
Voice Age: 55+
Voice Location: Auckland
Natural Accents: Kiwi, Australian.
Languages: English.
Skills & Styles: Animation, Retail, Corporate, Narration, IVR, Doco/Reality, Bloke, Farmer, US accents, Australian accent.
ACCENTS: American, Australian STYLES: Distinctive, Gruff, Down to Earth,